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Years ago, clothing was made and purchased to last longer and be passed down for generations. Shopping was slow, physical and thorough.

As the years went by, the items handed down began to get boring and an impulse of detachment from the old generations pervaded the new ones.

The desire for freshness, joy and change permeated the air and so shopping began to be a matter “for young people“.

This translated into limited money and a great desire to be fashionable.

The market of the big fashion houses accused of this unexpected change seeing the birth of large factories with underpaid workers, cheap materials and faster and faster production.

Our planet has accused this unexpected change

save the past,
love the future

Those garments that years ago have bored the youth of that past, now are the spirit of the moment, our Zeitgeist.

Vintage is a help for the environment and for our lives!

recycle your clothes

Vintage is sustainability Fashion

we support a sustainable lifestyle

We have come to discard millions of tons of clothes each year that are produced and thrown away creating a black hole for the environment, our pockets and our ethics.

We are responsible for so much damage to the environment, but with small steps and small actions we can reverse the current situation.The vintage is an opportunity and an ethical choice.

Vintage is accessible

it is fascinating, it is nostalgia; it is a positive and kind attitude not to throw away but rather to give a second life.

Vintage is circular

a continuity between beginning and end that tries to tend to the utopian infinite.

We support the earth.

With every purchased Aloe&Wolf T-shirt we commit to plant a tree together with Treedom.

For a more natural and sustainable world.

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