Le Favolose is a docu-film by Roberta Torre that was presented at the 79th Venice International Film Festival during the Authors’ Day.

Production: Stemal Entertainment, Faber Produzione, Rai Cinema
Director: Roberta Torre
Produced by: Donatella Palermo
Cast: Porpora Marcasciano, Nicole De Leo, Sofia Mehiel, Veet Sandeh Mizia, Ciulini Massimina, Lizzeri Antonia, Iaia Mina Serrano.
Costumes: Francesca Bellucci, aloe&wolf 

“Le favolose is a free, personal and unconventional documentary.”

In the documentary, we see five trans friends gather to commemorate their friend Antonia, also trans, who was buried by her family in male clothing, denying her identity.

The deprivation of identity that transgender people suffer at the moment of death is the thematic centre of gravity on and around which the documentary revolves and develops.

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