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It’s not just a vintage clothing store. It’s not just a carefully selected collection of jewelry, hats, shoes, belts, vintage bags to go crazy for. It’s not just an archive of accessories featuring all eras and styles. It’s not just that every object you touch has a magical history of time and fantastical characters.

So what is it? Aloe&Wolf is a sensorial experience. A journey through time, I dream about locking myself inside one of the most beautiful vintage shops ever visited, in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

When I walk through Aloe’s doors, I am not always sure what to buy, but am certain to take a journey through time and more importantly, fashion. Let’s be transparent: this odyssey allows me to enter hundreds of closets; I stand next to elegant ladies subtly perfumed with face powder or lay on a sunny beach wearing a Pucci sarong listening to the ebb and flow of the waves. I am at a café in Pigalle with that unmistakable Kelly, listening to the music of clinking glasses and subdued customer chatter, then quickly transported to New York’s Fifth Avenue in the springtime, yearning for that red feathered hat.

n short, Aloe will set the backdrop for my personal film, and depending on the day, the attraction can be fatal. It will be for you too. When Aloe and Giada see me walking towards the store, they understand it’s not “only” for that dress, but because that day I want a new film!

Roberta Torre ( director , writer )



“The best second-hand shops in the world” Financial Times


“Da Aloe & Wolf si possono trovare gli accessori di Schiaparelli ma anche i completi vintage di Yves Saint Laurent e i timeless capi di Prada degli anni ’90.”


“cult address di ogni fashionista esperta e passaggio obbligato per gli addetti al settore, aka fashion designer, stylist e costumiste. “ “Non sostate troppo davanti alla vetrina traboccante di meraviglie, vestiti, gioielli e oggetti curiosi, tanto opporre resistenza è inutile. ““Lasciatevi pure trasportare dal flusso, uscire da lì a mani vuote è praticamente impossibile.”

“Aloe&Wolf è uno dei migliori angoli vintage di Siena e provincia.”


“Elsewhere, Aloe & Wolf in Siena, Italy, recommended by designer Gioia Bini, is known for the most amazing selection of mid-century to 1990s Italian designer collectors’ pieces”. -Alex Eagle, creative director The Store for Elle UK


“The last item of clothing I added to my wardrobe was a Donald Brooks raffia dress I bought at Aloe & Wolf, my favourite vintage store in Siena.” Gioia Bini x Financial Times


“a “temple” of exquisite vintage style items in the heart of Siena.”

“Celles et ceux qui ne portaient pas le vintage dans leur coeur pourraient bien l’adopter de la tête aux pieds. On y croise des célébrités telles que Kate Moss.”


“this is a treasure trove of authentic accessories.”


“Chock-full of Italian designer ensembles from the 1950s to recent times”


“Must-Visit Places in Siena”“Alessandra Aloe is behind one of the world’s best thrifting spots, Aloe & Wolf. ““International press clocked her thoughtful curation of 20th-century European men and womenswear which includes brands such as Yves Saint Laurent, Chloé and CP Company.”

“Never seen a vintage shop quite like it…a fashionista’s heaven. ““Could talk about this for days but quite simply, you have to go if you are in Siena! “ theflorentines


“Le temple du vintage” “La petite boutique présente dans un joyeux bric à brac une sélection très pointue de vêtements et d’accessoires vintage recherchés par les collectionneurs du monde entier.”


“Da Aloe & Wolf si possono trovare gli accessori di Schiaparelli ma anche i completi vintage di Yves Saint Laurent e i timeless capi di Prada degli anni ’90.”


“una selezionatissima collezione di accessori, abiti, lampade e complementi vintage da osservare, provare, fotografare ed acquistare…”

“A second, closer look through the glass, made me realize, this shop was not at all common.”

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